About us:

Some people out there may be wondering... is Gadget Guy based on a real person? And to that we say: You mean, is it just a big coincidence that G.G. rhymes so well with B.P.? Well, actually... yeah. But let's put it this way — the coincidences pretty much end there.

Gadget Guy was born out of the idea that Geekdom should have a mascot. He is modeled after the experiences of one man, but represents the common everygeek... that is, if that everygeek had infinite resources and infinite time... and was a uh, you know, superhero.

If you're reading this, thanks for stopping by! Though we officially launched a while back, those pesky day jobs keep getting in the way of reliable updates. However, if you sign up to be on the GadgetSpies mailing list, you'll get reminded to check in whenever we post something new!

(Photo credit to IAC)

– JP & BP